My name is Brian. I am a coffee enthusiast and I know way more than my fair share of coffee nerdery. For years I’ve been a heavy coffee drinker but only within the past few have I scaled back my volume and increased my quality.

I have many friends and family that come to me for coffee brewing and accessory buying advice and I’ve tured a lot of them on to alternative brewing techniques like the stovetop espresso method, the pour-over method, and my preferred method – the french press.

This site is something of a fun project for me. I figured I’d hone my website building skills and teach a bit about what I know to others in the realm of coffee.

I’m not a writer and I’m not a social media pro but I’ll do my best to make a good show just for the sake of this website. If you like coffee then I hope you’ll give french press coffee a try – and if you do give it a try I hope you’ll take the time and care to do it right. If you get lazy with the techniques I describe you won’t get spectacular results. That’s why I always tell my friends and family to only brew french press if you aren’t pressed for time. It’s almost a bit of art.

Thanks for swinging by the website – I do hope it helps you out and I hope you like the page too!